Listen to this now, please.

I recently went to go see Once, the musical based on the film featuring The Swell Season. It was strange to see the movie reimagined as a play, but the music was still brilliant all these years later. Since then, I’ve been on an Irish music kick, which led me to Irish singer-songwirter Hozier. While I was super impressed along with everyone else with his debut single, “Take me to Church,” I’m more drawn to the other tracks on his ep’s. I hope you enjoy the one I’ve posted above, it’s a live track called “Cherry Wine”.

Happy weekend to you,



Cathedrals “Harlem”

We can’t stop listening to this new track from San Fran duo Cathedrals. Their first single “Unbound” was equally captivating, but this ditty is the perfect theme song for our May mixtape of spring tracks. We love the way it starts, and how the place that it ends feels completely different.

Happy almost Friday,



Band Episode: Chimney Choir

The Window Seat :: Chimney Choir from The Window Seat on Vimeo.

One lovely Sunday morning Megan and I ventured to the amazing Museum of Nature and Science for a field trip with local favorite’s Chimney Choir. This group of magical multi-instrumentalists treated us to a morning serenade on the roof of the museum. They played a song from their latest album Compass, an album made up of a multitude of instruments and harmonies. I highly recommend you take a listen here.

Local friends, please go see them next Friday at Northwest Denver Folk Festival next Friday May 16th at the Oriental. AND I just heard the BEST NEWS EVER—they are working with local dance company Wonderbound to write a full-length ballet that will premiere in April 2015. Two of favorite things in the world ballet and local music—yes please I’ll take a ticket to every performance!!

Chimney Choir we heart you.



First Dance.

I just got back from a very special wedding in Santa Barbara, and since I’m starting to plan my own wedding I’ve been thinking a lot about the first dance. Some brides care about the dress or the flowers, I care WAY more about the music. I remember envying Prince William and Kate Middleton because they danced to Elton John’s “Your Song” at their wedding. AND it was performed live by Elie Goulding (although I personally would have asked Sir Elton to do it–since he was at the wedding!) But it’s such a classic first dance song, and I will admit Elie’s rendition is beautiful, sad and perfect.

This weekend the lovely couple showcased some stylish and choreographed dance moves to “Night Fever” by the Bee Gees. It was such a fun song to choose, and everyone had so much fun watching them!

One song we are thinking of choosing is Yo La Tengo’s “Our Way to Fall,”
but it’s still too early to make a final decision. But it’s definitely one of many contenders. I posted it above for your listening pleasure, if your in love I suggest you turn it up!

❤ christy


Dance Card: Young Galaxy “Pretty Boy”

We are loving this track from Canadian dream pop band Young Galaxy. This is from their fourth album entitled Ultramarine. This track makes us want to take a long drive through the city at night, but since it was the middle of the day and we had lunch plans at our favorite sandwich shop we settled for a shoot in the park with a bright yellow poncho.

Lots of love from sunny Colorado,



Throwback Thursday: Band Interview with Hey Marseilles

The Window Seat :: Hey Marseilles from The Window Seat on Vimeo.

The song “Heart Beats” by Hey Marseilles came on while my iPod was shuffling along last night. It was so good, instead of pulling into my driveway I made loops around my neighborhood so I could hear through twice through before calling it a night. Any song that good deserves a throwback thursday post.

What a fun evening it was hiding out in that bookstore making this video. I hope you enjoy it.


christy & megan


I Got You

Christy & I love Colorado! One of the most amazing venues happens to be in our backyard, Red Rocks, and Jack Johnson will be there April 26th. “I Got You” is really a nice song to listen to any time of the day, but especially at sunset on a Monday which is what I’m doing right now.

Sometimes commentary is offered on Spotify which is fun to listen to. Here’s what Jack Johnson thinks about this song “…You can enjoy anything as long as you have the right person by your side and that was the sentiment of I Got You, it’s just with the ups and downs that life brings. As long as you have someone you love, it makes it a lot easier…”
❤ megan


Hillary Hand and Colorado Bands at SXSW 2014

Loving the sound of this Hillary Hand song on this quiet Friday afternoon. In the next couple days many Colorado artists and bands (like Hilary!) are packing up and hitting the road for SXSW. Goodbye for now friends, and give those Austin Texas folks a taste of our cool Colorado sunshine.




Dance Card: Cold War Kids “Miracle Mile”

I was supposed to do great things
I know the road was long
But I wasn’t raised to shoot for fame
I had the safety on

I cut my ties, I sold my rings
I wanted none of this
If you start from scratch you have to sing
Just for the fun of it

I cut some serious ties this week…The only thing to do is follow the cold war kids advice, and start singing just for the fun of it. I hope you’ll join me.


Coney Island

I LOVE to imagine how various songs would fit into a movie. This is one of them. Coney Island by Good Old War is the kind of song I think would fit into a scene of the movie where two friends give up on trying to do the right thing. Instead they ditch school and sneak into a small amusement park, eat lots of funnel cake, and get lost in a maze of mirrors. Maybe the scene sounds a little cliche but that’s ok.

❤ megan

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