Standby: CEO

standby :: ceo from The Window Seat on Vimeo.

Oh Eric why is every song on CEO’s debut record so danceable? How am I supposed to get any work done with your music playing in the background??

To buy the debut record from CEO go to your local record store, or order it online here. Modular records is also selling a white Vinyl edition here.

And the dance party resumes….


Standby: Caribou

standby :: caribou from The Window Seat on Vimeo.

Music for you…..


Standby: The Freelance Whales

Standby :: Freelance Whales from The Window Seat on Vimeo

Is it just me or does this band sound like it should have come out in 2001? Critics be damned, I like the freelance whales! They might be 10 years late to the party, but at least they brought nightcaps!

Judah Dadone formed the freelance whales in 2008 by placing an ad on Craigslist.  He spent several months interviewing musicians all over the city, until he found the perfect people. And instead of playing shows in venues, the freelance whales worked on their sound by performing on the street corners of New York City, just to play in front of people and see what their reaction would be. Turns out the reaction was good, and after self releasing their debt record they were snatched up by indie darling label Frenchkiss Records.

Learn more about the freelance whales and buy their debut album here.

Listen to another good song……


Standby: Wild Nothing

standby :: wild nothing from The Window Seat on Vimeo.


Secret Ingredients: Belle and Sebastian

Secret Ingredients :: Belle & Sebastian from The Window Seat on Vimeo.

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