Dance Card: King Khan and the Shrines “Bite My Tongue”

I just made a new mix CD, and this was the first song on the mix. It’s such a good starter, like an Awesome Blossom from Chili’s. And yes, I know with the beauty of Spotify, I don’t really need to make mix cds anymore– but I love writing and decorating the covers. Sorry spotify, I love my arts and crafts.

King Khan and the Shrines are a garage rock band from Berlin, known for their incredible stage antics, costumes and soul inferno dancing. This new song started to appear online in January in anticipation of a new split 7″ with Mikal Cronin which was released today.

I’m so glad to be hearing new music from this band! Dear King Khan and the Shrines: Please make more tunes, we’re hungry for new music. Taylor Swift just isn’t cutting it anymore.

Your friends,


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