Play Good

Not only do Christy and I run around the Denver area chasing musicians and dancing at red lights but I make videos for Techstars, an amazing startup accelerator.  One of the companies that just went through the program is Given Goods.  You might be wondering what is Given Goods?  I’ll tell you!  Given Goods is the marketplace for goods that give back.

How awesome are these products!?  So for all of you music lovers and video makers out there check out the Play Good Be Nice headsets and the Custom monogram camera strap on GivenGoods.co.  There are also some fun speakers, play music anywhere, and a record player t-shirt. You can see what kind of impact you make right below the products on their website.



MTV’s This is the Place

If you haven’t been to Denver you may just see it as a city somewhere in the west. A place people go to ski the Rockies and enjoy outdoor activities a mile above sea level. Well, that is true and we love it! Denver also has an eclectic music scene! We are home to one of the most beautiful venues, Red Rocks and some extremely talented musicians which are featured in MTV’s new series, This is the Place. The Window Seat was also represented in this episode, which made us soooooooooooooo very happy and honored. Hope you enjoy it and learn something about the diverse music scene in Denver.

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Listen to this episode’s Spotify playlist here.
MTV, thanks for including us in this episode, we look forward to seeing other cities!


RIP Front Seat Car Speaker…

This is embarrassing. Last night I think I blew one of the speakers in my car listening to the Icona Pop song, “All Night”. Sure I like dancing to Icona Pop, but it’s not the coolest song to kill your speakers. I once in knew a very handsome boy in school who blew his car speakers by blaring Sigur Ros–which is totally acceptable and of of course terribly cool.

I blame I-25 and the fact that my windows were down. But mostly I blame my love of guilty pleasure electro pop songs like this one. I’ve posted it below for your listening pleasure–but be warned this song has the power to blow your mind and your speakers!



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