Survivor Blues

Have you seen our episode on Cory Branan? We felt pretty spoiled sitting in the basement of the Hi-Dive in Denver listening to Cory sing “Survivor Blues”. Can not believe it was already a year ago. It was just his voice and guitar, absolutely beautiful. Here’s the recording of the song below and then listen to him sing the song in our episode. They definitely sound different. Fun to hear both versions.

The Window Seat – Cory Branan

The Window Seat :: Cory Branan from The Window Seat on Vimeo.

❤ m.


Always Spring

I just discovered this song on Spotify and LOVE it. It’s called “Always Spring” by I’m From Barcelona. Who cares if it’s actually fall. Their music is upbeat and makes me want to dance in fast motion. Their bio page also has the best photos of members in a band ever, I counted 29 people!!! I’m From Barcelona, please take this post as a kind request to visit the U.S. and more specifically Colorado on your next tour… and let us interview you.



Oh DeVotchka

We love DeVotcha! Not only are they based out of Denver but they were the soundtrack to one of my favorite films, Little Miss Sunshine. Maybe this is too much info but my husband and I actually watched part of the movie at the hospital before our son was born. It’s just a clever movie with an addicting soundtrack.

Devotchka is Russian for “girl”. They had an interesting start as a backing band for burlesque shows. In their early years DeVotchKa also toured with burlesque performer and model Dita von Teese. I’m sure they have a ton of stories to tell. They’re performing this Halloween at the Gothic Theatre in Denver. Who’s going?!

❤ m

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