Dance Card: San Cisco “Fred Astaire”

Well, of course I miss you baby
I’ve been thinking lately
That you don’t need me anymore
You’d be better with Fred Astaire
He could take you anywhere
If you ask him to

Such a sad, but upbeat pop song! The lead singer is basically saying, “You should be with this other guy, because he’s so talented and cool.” But I’ve found we don’t always chose who we fall for. Even if the other guy is Fred Astaire, he’s not you, and you are the one for me…..


Come Home

“Under the covers I make a tent
It’s my world that I invent
Without you near me no adventure
I want you to be home”

Oh how I love those lyrics! This is not a new song to the world but to me it is and I just love it.


2013 We Miss You Already.

I couldn’t have made it through 2013 without the songs on this playlist. These songs were our instigators–dance parties, make out sessions, and something that kept us company in the loneliest of moments.

We heart you 2013, and we’ll always remember you fondly.

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