First Dance.

I just got back from a very special wedding in Santa Barbara, and since I’m starting to plan my own wedding I’ve been thinking a lot about the first dance. Some brides care about the dress or the flowers, I care WAY more about the music. I remember envying Prince William and Kate Middleton because they danced to Elton John’s “Your Song” at their wedding. AND it was performed live by Elie Goulding (although I personally would have asked Sir Elton to do it–since he was at the wedding!) But it’s such a classic first dance song, and I will admit Elie’s rendition is beautiful, sad and perfect.

This weekend the lovely couple showcased some stylish and choreographed dance moves to “Night Fever” by the Bee Gees. It was such a fun song to choose, and everyone had so much fun watching them!

One song we are thinking of choosing is Yo La Tengo’s “Our Way to Fall,”
but it’s still too early to make a final decision. But it’s definitely one of many contenders. I posted it above for your listening pleasure, if your in love I suggest you turn it up!

❤ christy

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