Listen to this now, please.

I recently went to go see Once, the musical based on the film featuring The Swell Season. It was strange to see the movie reimagined as a play, but the music was still brilliant all these years later. Since then, I’ve been on an Irish music kick, which led me to Irish singer-songwirter Hozier. While I was super impressed along with everyone else with his debut single, “Take me to Church,” I’m more drawn to the other tracks on his ep’s. I hope you enjoy the one I’ve posted above, it’s a live track called “Cherry Wine”.

Happy weekend to you,



Cathedrals “Harlem”

We can’t stop listening to this new track from San Fran duo Cathedrals. Their first single “Unbound” was equally captivating, but this ditty is the perfect theme song for our May mixtape of spring tracks. We love the way it starts, and how the place that it ends feels completely different.

Happy almost Friday,



Band Episode: Chimney Choir

The Window Seat :: Chimney Choir from The Window Seat on Vimeo.

One lovely Sunday morning Megan and I ventured to the amazing Museum of Nature and Science for a field trip with local favorite’s Chimney Choir. This group of magical multi-instrumentalists treated us to a morning serenade on the roof of the museum. They played a song from their latest album Compass, an album made up of a multitude of instruments and harmonies. I highly recommend you take a listen here.

Local friends, please go see them next Friday at Northwest Denver Folk Festival next Friday May 16th at the Oriental. AND I just heard the BEST NEWS EVER—they are working with local dance company Wonderbound to write a full-length ballet that will premiere in April 2015. Two of favorite things in the world ballet and local music—yes please I’ll take a ticket to every performance!!

Chimney Choir we heart you.


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