A song for anyone in love with Sufjan Stevens.

There was a time when my favorite topic of conversation was Sufjan Stevens. His “Come on Feel the Illinoise” tour was the highlight of my 2005. It’s the only non-Sigur Ros concert that brought me to tears. So when I heard that Sufjan made an appearance on The Red Hot Organization’s upcoming tribute album to cellist and composer Arthur Russell I was thrilled. The album is out today and below is a track from Sufjan covering “I’m so lost”

The album also features covers from Blood Orange, Robyn, Hot Chip, Jose Gonzalez, Scissor Sisters Cults, and more.


Alt-J people. Alt-J.

This is no new phenomenon, English indie rock band Alt-j makes us melt into a million pieces with their lyrics and Joe Newman’s vocals. Remember their track Fitzpleasure? Yeah that was a good time. Our latest and most favorite track is Every Other Freckle, which we have posted below. File this new song under make out session, we promise you won’t be disappointed.

christy & megan


Help Chimney Choir make their dream album!

The lovely and CRAZY talented local band Chimney Choir are raising funds to pay for their next album, and you can help! There are several levels of contribution, including a private concert in your home!! They are musicians and artists who are looking for a little love from their fans. Click below to learn more and donate!

If you need to be convinced of their talents simply link below and listen to the lovely layers of music they make.


What we’ve been listening to.

As you may have noticed The Window Seat has been on a short hiatus. We’ve been finishing up other projects, raising a family, planning weddings, taking vacations, paying the mortgage and of course listening to music. So we’ll be posting songs over the next couple of weeks. So much good music, it’s hard to know where to begin.

Let’s start with a track from Wake Owl, called Wild Country. They’re a band from Vancouver and Portland, and I think you can hear the influence of both places in this song. We hope you like it as much as we do.



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