Dance Card: King Tuff “Alone and Stoned”

On a recent trip to the mountains we ran into our friend and Window Seat logo designer Rachel! She decided to join us for an impromptu dance card to King Tuff’s “Alone and Stoned”. (PS: We weren’t alone or stoned during the making of this dance card–just really excited about our dance moves.)


Mates of State Bonus!

Remember that time we got to hang out with the Mates of State? Well here’s a bunch of stuff that never made it to the original episode!! It’s a bonus +5 extra credit points video!! I had to post this today because their song “PUNCHLINES” came on my ipod on the way to work. It’s was a SIGN.

And if you missed the original episode, you can watch it right now!

Happy Friday and all that jazz,



Human Shazam!!!

Here is a video in which Christy acts as a Human Shazam for Megan.

PS: Shazam…we like totally heart your app…like A LOT.

c + m


Singing about love

We made this video last year but hey, love songs are always relevant. We wish you a wonderfully cozy day with lots of love. Thank you to all of our friends who dared to sing a song!

The Window Seat Valentine’s Day Special from The Window Seat on Vimeo.


Let’s Listen to Music Together!

Starting Valentine’s Day we’re going to share one video a week with some other surprise posts. Music brings people together, it makes us happy. That simple. So please join us in a gigantic dance party all over the internet and let’s listen to lots of music, together.



Favorite songs of 2012

The Window Seat Top 10 songs of 2012 from The Window Seat on Vimeo.

I realize we are half way through January 2013, but I haven’t been able to decide on my favorite songs until just last week. There is so much music to listen to, and so little time. The Dance Card above is just a mix of the songs we continuously put on mix cds and played at social gatherings this year. These were the songs that kept drifting back into our heads time and time again. You might know these songs, but if not, I highly suggest you listen to them from start to finish asap.

I hope you are staying warm in this coldest of January’s. If not turn up the music and dance until you can feel your fingers and toes again!

happy 2013,



Band Episode: The Autumn Film

These local lovelies are the perfect soundtrack to November. Brisk air, warm afternoons and chilly evenings. Also, could they be any more down to earth, funny and down right AWESOME? I want to make friendship bracelets for Tifah and call her everyday after school to talk shop about the cute boy from 5th period.

Special thanks to everyone at:

Without further adieu, we present The Autumn Film.


My boyfriend from 1999 has a new solo record coming out

It was a simpler time, it was 1999. I saw Death Cab and fell in love.


Dance Card: Capital Cities “Safe and Sound”

“You could be my luck,
Even if the sky is falling down
I know that we’ll be safe and sound”

dance cards are for lovers, C+M


Dance Card: The Wombats “Techno Fan”

The Window Seat :: Dance Card :: The Wombats from The Window SeatVimeo.

This song is from the Wombats 2nd record, The Wombats Proudly Present: This Modern Glitch. It’s the first song on my summer 2012 mix…sorry Nicki Minaj maybe you’ll make the cut next summer. I forgot about The Wombats (their last record came out in 2007) and then I heard this song and freaked out!! These Liverpool lads make some seriously catchy tunes.

In this Dance Card, we cut right out as the song is about to get reallllllllllly goood–it’s a serious tease of a dance card. To hear the full song, good parts and all go here. To learn more about The Wombats go here.

I never knew I was a techno fan,


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