Trailer: The Oak Creek Band

Coming soon a brand new Band Episode featuring The Oak Creek Band!

And if you are in Denver tomorrow night come join us at The Bluebird Theater for The Oak Creek Band’s CD release show! Here is a sneak peak of their episode:


New Band Episodes are coming!!!!

We have new Band Episodes coming with The Autumn Film and Milagres! In the mean time, if you fancy an interview with a cool rock and roll band here are some past episodes:

The Mates of State


Mountain Man

Danielle Ate The Sandwich

The Submarines

Have an awesome Spring Break, and don’t forget to wear sunscreen!

Your friends,



Dance Card: New Order “Ceremony”

We shot this dance card on the last day of winter in Boulder, Colorado. So long snow…HELLO hot pink ray bans! And “Ceremony” is one of my favorite songs of all time, and it will forever and always remind me of the chilly winters I spent in Boulder.

Sidenote/interesting factoid: Did you know that “Ceremony” is actually a Joy Division song? It was written before Ian Curtis passed away, and before the band changed their name to New Order.

dance cards are for lovers,



Dance Card: King Khan and the Shrines “Bite My Tongue”

I just made a new mix CD, and this was the first song on the mix. It’s such a good starter, like an Awesome Blossom from Chili’s. And yes, I know with the beauty of Spotify, I don’t really need to make mix cds anymore– but I love writing and decorating the covers. Sorry spotify, I love my arts and crafts.

King Khan and the Shrines are a garage rock band from Berlin, known for their incredible stage antics, costumes and soul inferno dancing. This new song started to appear online in January in anticipation of a new split 7″ with Mikal Cronin which was released today.

I’m so glad to be hearing new music from this band! Dear King Khan and the Shrines: Please make more tunes, we’re hungry for new music. Taylor Swift just isn’t cutting it anymore.

Your friends,



Standby: Michael Kiwanuka

I’m not into conspiracy theories, but I’m pretty sure that Michael Kiwanuka built a time machine in 1970 and transported himself and his beautiful music to 2012.

You can learn more about him here, or you can come to term with your feelings and “like” him on Facebook here.

Looking forward to seeing what this year brings Mr. MK, we’ll be watching you…and your time machine closely. Very closely.




Standby: Lucy Rose

Lucy Rose is our latest crush from the UK. Even Vogue magazine is waxing poetic about her, and can you blame them?

She reminds me of Joni Mitchell…her voice…or maybe it’s her lovely hair? Regardless, you should check out her music here.

Also, if someone goes see’s her show can you buy us some of her custom made tea? We love tea. Tea beats coffee any day.


Band Episode: Wild Ones

Is there anything better than ice cream on a freezing cold day in Denver Colorado? The answer is….no, negative, ce n’est pas possible, nothing is better. And that’s why we decided to take Wild Ones to Sweet Action Ice Cream. On a side note: I would like to apologize for asking to sample 10 of the 20 flavors Sweet Action offered that day, but I have trouble making quick decisions. For the record, I went with Lemon Poppyseed Ice Cream, delicious.

Wild Ones are a lovely band from Portland that caught my attention last year. We met up with them during their BEST FRIENDS TOUR with Typhoon and Youth (also lovely bands from Portland!)

Wild Ones have an EP out called “You’re A Winner” and are working on releasing their first record very soon. Take a look, take a listen and take a thank you for visiting the window seat today.

your friends,


Band Episode: Cory Branan

For more information on Cory hit up corybranan.com.

PS: Even though the basement of the hi-dive has deceased creepy crawly things, it’s my favorite venue in all of Colorado!


Standby: Frankie & the Heartstrings

Feeling bummed to be back at work/school after a long holiday away? Perhaps a little indie pop from Frankie & the Heartstrings will be just the thing to cheer you up. It worked for me this morning, well Frankie PLUS my giant cup of hot chocolate from 7-11. Did you know that you can get a giant hot chocolate from 7-11 for like $1.25? It’s ace.

To learn more about these Sunderland lads, and listen to tracks from their debut record go HERE.

Happy New Year Window Seat Friends!



Dance Card: Girls “Honey Bunny”

“Honey Bunny” is the most upbeat and buoyant track off of the new Girls record Father, Son, Holy Ghost. And despite the self deprecating lyrics, this song is a danceable feast, don’t you agree? I wonder what lead singer Christopher Owens is doing for the holidays. Do you think he’ll make a nice holiday ham and read Christmas stories to his nieces and nephews?

We shot this dance card about 2 months ago, before the snow crept in and took over the city. It’s shot right outside the Performing Arts Center in Denver. Is it just me or is the grass ridiculously green. How many tickets to the LION KING musical did they have to sell to pay for that pristine lawn?

Dance cards are for lovers,


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