A gridlock playlist of classic greats.

I’ve been away for a while, but I’m back and I’m in a different place—not Denver, not Boulder, but the sunny (smoggy) streets of Los Angeles. But not to worry my sweet Denver it’s only for 6 weeks, and I’ll miss you everyday!

There is something about the way Los Angeles looks that says,“1970s” to me. The hazy palm trees, the faded signs, the folks in my neighborhood with long hair and no-nonsense beards. It feels like everything has a 1970′s Instagram filter on it. So you’d think that I would follow suit, and listen to the reliable standbys my parents raised me on: CSNY, Zeppelin, Bowie, Sabbath, Fletwood Mac. But I’m not the slightest bit interested in them right now–instead it’s the music from the 1940s that has become my LA soundtrack.

Why is this you might ask? Well—the traffic in this city IS as BAD as they say. And the one thing that relaxes me and cheers me up in gridlock is Ella Fitzgerald. She does the trick every time–then mix in a little Harry James, Bing Crosby, Glen Miller, Artie Shaw, Peggy Lee and I’m golden.

I am a new student to this music, because I didn’t grow up with it— well except Bing Crosby movies, my mother force-fed us those. (I can recite every line from Holiday Inn or White Christmas without flinching.) But I’m learning more about these artists, these songs and these big bands every time I get into my car. So in honor of this new music education and the traffic that lives up to it’s hideous reputation, I’ve made a little Spotify list with some of my new favorite 1940′s songs, listen HERE.

Who else from the 40′s should I check out?

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