Anthem of the Week: Rhye “Open”

I blush every time this song comes on my itunes. Can’t help it. Maybe it’s the video they made for this single. Or maybe it’s just because I love Mike Milosh’s vocals. File the new Rhye album in the “makeout” section of your record collection. Right next to the XX and Sade.

PS: Pitchfork gave RHYE’s record an 8.5, and are calling it one of the Best New Albums of 2013.


Dance Card: King Tuff “Alone and Stoned”

On a recent trip to the mountains we ran into our friend and Window Seat logo designer Rachel! She decided to join us for an impromptu dance card to King Tuff’s “Alone and Stoned”. (PS: We weren’t alone or stoned during the making of this dance card–just really excited about our dance moves.)


Anthem of the Week: The Leisure Society “The Last of the Melting Snow”

As I’m looking out my window today the sky keeps changing from snow to bright sunshine, and then back to snow just as the last of the snow is starting to melt. It reminded me of a song by The Leisure Society entitled The Last of the Melting Snow. It’s my anthem of the day for sure.

If you are a fan of The Leisure Society, get excited because they have a new record coming out April 16th entitled Alone Aboard The Ark! The record was recorded in Ray Davies (of The Kinks) studio because he’s such a fan of the band! Also, they are planning to tour America for the first time this year! Cheers to that and the last of the melting snow.




Mates of State Bonus!

Remember that time we got to hang out with the Mates of State? Well here’s a bunch of stuff that never made it to the original episode!! It’s a bonus +5 extra credit points video!! I had to post this today because their song “PUNCHLINES” came on my ipod on the way to work. It’s was a SIGN.

And if you missed the original episode, you can watch it right now!

Happy Friday and all that jazz,



Darwin Deez is Denver bound

That melody maker with the sassy curls will be playing the Larimer Lounge this Thursday 2/28! You can buy tickets here!. We will be on the dancefloor showcasing our Window Seat moves! We have a serious soft spot in our dancing hearts for his song “Radar Detector”!

Darwin Deez’s new album is called Songs For Imaginative People, and it’s out now on Lucky Number Music. Check it out before you go to the show, so you can sing along with us!


Anthem of the Week: The Who “My Generation”

I am half way through the Pete Townshend book–which means I’ve been listening to The Who all weekend. I’m feeling very wistful for that devastatingly cool 60′s mod subculture. Is it too much to wear a color blocked mini-dress when it’s snowing and 30 degrees out?


Human Shazam!!!

Here is a video in which Christy acts as a Human Shazam for Megan.

PS: Shazam…we like totally heart your app…like A LOT.

c + m


Anthem of the Week: Cat Power “Nothin’ But Time”

Just saw her play a couple weeks ago, and her voice sounded incredible. Out of all the songs she played off the new record–this one stuck with me for days afterwards. I found myself humming it again this morning. For those of you with the weight on your mind, please listen carefully…..

I see you, kid, alone in your room
You got the weight on your mind
And you’re just trying to get by
You’re world is just beginning
And I know this live seems never-ending
But you got nothin’ but time
And it ain’t got nothin’ on you

Have a good week.



Singing about love

We made this video last year but hey, love songs are always relevant. We wish you a wonderfully cozy day with lots of love. Thank you to all of our friends who dared to sing a song!

The Window Seat Valentine’s Day Special from The Window Seat on Vimeo.


A Valentines Day Anthem

This valentines day anthem is very near and dear to my heart. My favorite evenings at the Mile High Soul Club in Denver usually end with this song at around 1:30am. It’s the perfect tune to round out the evening, and hopefully score a slow dance with a cute boy!!

This song was written in 1959 by the legendary and brilliant Sam Cooke. Rumor has it that he wrote this song about his high school sweetheart!

I love this song because it’s completely self deprecating and unabashedly brave:

Don’t know much about history
Don’t know much biology
Don’t know much about a science book
Don’t know much about the french I took

But I do know that I love you
And I know that if you love me too
What a wonderful world this would be

So maybe you don’t have all your facts and figures straight, but if you’re certain that you love me–that’s all that really matters. It all feels very Lloyd Dobbler-esque—and that my friends is worth swooning over.


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