Band Episode: Chimney Choir

The Window Seat :: Chimney Choir from The Window Seat on Vimeo.

One lovely Sunday morning Megan and I ventured to the amazing Museum of Nature and Science for a field trip with local favorite’s Chimney Choir. This group of magical multi-instrumentalists treated us to a morning serenade on the roof of the museum. They played a song from their latest album Compass, an album made up of a multitude of instruments and harmonies. I highly recommend you take a listen here.

Local friends, please go see them next Friday at Northwest Denver Folk Festival next Friday May 16th at the Oriental. AND I just heard the BEST NEWS EVER—they are working with local dance company Wonderbound to write a full-length ballet that will premiere in April 2015. Two of favorite things in the world ballet and local music—yes please I’ll take a ticket to every performance!!

Chimney Choir we heart you.


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