Band Episode: Mates of State

I remember the first time I heard Mates of State. They were one of those bands that I fell for immediately. I could sing (horribly) along with them at the top of my lungs. I could put their songs on mixtapes for friends, family and crushes. They are like the ultimate mixtape band, they manage to find a way to appear on the all of my greatest mixtape masterpieces. Mates of State have given thousands of people (including me) a chance to tell someone via mixtape: “I like you crazy” or “It’s not the same without you and I” or “What are your weaknesses? I won’t pass you by.”

Despite the lyrics I just mentioned, Mates of State are more than just sweet pop songs, in fact their performances have more fight and energy than a mosh pit at a Mastodan concert. What’s even cooler, is that Kori and Jason are some of the kindest, most down to earth people we’ve met since starting The Window Seat.

To buy their records and see their show dates go HERE. We can’t think of a better gift to give/receive this holiday season than a Mates of State LP. Especially the new record Mountaintops, it’s ace.


Christy and Megan

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