Dance Card: Ben L’Oncle Soul “Seven Nation Army” (White Stripes Cover)

Ben l’Oncle Soul is a French soul singer. That’s right: French. Soul. Singer. Hello!!! (Insert swoons from the ladies around the world here.) If you like retro soul and funk with a modern feel, check out his debut record! Every song is a gem, and sometimes the record will play on repeat 5 times before I decide to switch to something else. The record is only available as an import cd right now (super $$$), but you can listen to the album and his first EP on Spotify.

Ben L’Oncle Soul (real name Benjamin Duterde) got his start singing in the Fitiavana Gospel Choir, his work with the Gospel choir led him to a solo recording deal with the French division of Motown Records. He released the Soul Wash EP in 2009 and then 6 months later he made his full-length debut with the the self titled Ben l’Oncle Soul. His first single off the debut record is a cover of the White Stripes classic, Seven Nation Army.

Who do I speak to about putting together a tour with Jamie Lidell and Ben L’Oncle Soul? That would be a dream come true, right?

For more info go to: Myspace.com/oncleben

And thanks to my friend Wendy, for introducing me to his music. She’s the coolest girl in school, and is a genius when it comes to music.

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  1. wendy says:

    do you think we can start a letter writing campaign to get them to come to Denver? i’ll buy the heart stickers for the envelopes