The Window Seat Trailer No.2

We’ve had so much fun over the last couple of months interviewing new bands, going to shows and staging dance parties in random and sometimes sketchy areas of Denver….so we thought it was time to make another trailer to help spread the word about The Window Seat. We’ve also taken your advice and switched the website to be more reader friendly, and not as confusing. It’s a very simple site, and we are continuing to work on it and make it better. Any feedback is much appreciated, so email us or tweet us!

More than anything, we just want to thank everybody who’s been spreading the word and helping us with all the elements that go into a web series. The bands, the labels, the venues and all of our friends–you guys have made The Window Seat possible! So thank you.

We hope 2012 brings many more fun interviews, segments and dance parties.

dance cards are for lovers,


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